Menopause the Musical

menopauseIf you have retired, or are close to retirement, chances are you have heard about Menopause the Musical, the coming of age musical for the Baby Boomer Generation. I resisted going, not knowing what to expect and also because I am weary of hearing about what a wonderful time of rebirth in life this is. And I especially didn’t want to hear someone singing about it.

If you visit a bookstore, or look in just about any magazine, the message is there. You are entering an exciting new phase of your life. It is a reawakening, a time of nurturing and discovery. But even as you are reading these affirmations, they sometimes cannot be disguised. In her new book, Living Beauty, make-up artist, Bobbi Brown devotes a chapter of her book to different women’s experiences with aging. I was buying into the joy, until she said she now carries tweezers with her everywhere, in her car, at the office, for the errant hair that may spontaneously appear.

Being of the Baby Boomer Generation, I have a natural inclination not to believe anything that anyone older or wiser tells me. Entering a new time in your life? Yeah, I’m all for that, but why does it have to mean you are getting old? And no matter how you couch it, having a hot flash, growing a mustache, or losing your memory, just doesn’t sound that fun.

So, it was with this apprehension that I took my third row seat at Menopause the Musical wondering how they were going to spin the topic. Not that I didn’t want to like it. I did want to like it, but well, I was just uncomfortable being there with all the other estrogen-challenged women.

From the first song, “Change, Change, Change” set to the music of Aretha Franklin’s hit Chain of Fools you couldn’t help but laugh. And it just got better. From every symptom to every uncomfortable moment of menopause, it was enacted by four great performers singing well-known melodies, with slight variations in the lyrics. And then it hit me. You can run, but you can’t hide. We are going to go through this.

And we can go through it however we choose. But one thing is for sure. It is going to be a heck of a lot more enjoyable if we do it with laughter and friends. I would highly recommend seeing the musical. And I would highly recommend laughter and friends to get you through anything. 

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