Where to live?

retire best locationI am always looking at books or articles that list the best places to live. Not that I am looking to move, but I think everyone enjoys seeing if they live in one of the “chosen” cities or towns, or have ever visited one. If anyone ever bases their decision to move based on any list there is bound to be disappointment because there is no perfect place. However, there is no harm in making a list. The following are places I have lived or visited and enjoyed.1. Ann Arbor, Michigan- This is the city where I have spent most of my life. I went to college in the area and worked at the University of Michigan. I had the pleasure of visiting many of the Big Ten campuses and I must say there is a certain excitement of living in a college town. Students keep you young and there is an atmosphere of culture and diversity that keeps you thinking.2. Charleston, South Carolina- I have never lived there, but I did vacation there for two lovely weeks of my life and have subsequently visited several times. It is just a charming city where I had instant good karma. It was the first time I had stayed on the ocean and I went for a beach walk every day, which was therapeutic and relaxing. It was also a different type of food with delicious Southern cooking.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana- Hurricane Katrina was personalized for so many people who have visited NOLA. My brother used to live there so I visited several times. It is just such an unusual city and the food was like none I had ever had before. My husband and I actually toyed with the idea of moving there, but in the end decided the climate was not our ideal.

5. Lake Tahoe, California- When I arrived, I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen. Beautiful trees and water and again, just a good feeling pervades the space.

6. Paris, France- The City of Lights is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. The energy and history combine to make it a magical place.

7. Chicago, Illinois- This was the ultimate shopping destination when I lived in the Midwest and it never disappointed. A great city to walk around in and again, the food is incredible.


8. Indialantic, Florida- This is where we live now, a small town in Central Florida on the Atlantic Ocean. It has always been a dream to live on the ocean and I am here and it does not disappoint. From my first time visiting Charleston, South Carolina, I knew the water held a certain appeal for me.

9. Roswell, Georgia- My sister-in-law calls this city just outside Atlanta the ultimate in suburbia. However, I see nothing wrong with that. Every shop you could possibly imagine is close-by along with great restaurants. I also happen to think it is a beautiful area. I have visited in the spring and the flowering trees are breathtaking.

My list is not made up of ten places, but they are all places I have enjoyed. Would I want to live in any of them again? The one thing I have learned there is no perfect place, but you make it the best you can and happiness in within you, not in a geographical location.



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