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What’s Your Calling?

There is something special about the start of a new year, but starting a new decade is extra special.  And even though we have gotten off to a rocky start with the earthquake in Haiti, I sense that not only is this going to be a great year, but a pivotal decade.

 While the earthquake has been heartbreaking on many levels, it has also been a reminder of how amazing people can be. The desire to help people  and the feeling of being productive doesn’t have an age limit.  And that is true with retirement.  Just because someone has retired from their job, doesn’t mean they have retired from life.  And if they have it is time to reevaluate.

  An inspirational story recently appeared on NBC Nightly News.  Dr. Basil Jackson, a retired physician from Milwaukee, saw the devastation on T.V. and thought he could still be of use.  He flew to Haiti with a group of other physicians and he was shown comforting patients and offering his years of experience.  He is 78 years old.

What makes a person respond to a calling?  What makes a person want to help people?  While no one may know the answer, the good news seems is it seems to be a quality that lasts a lifetime.

 So, as we begin this new year, this new decade, perhaps, the tragedy in Haiti is a time to ask ourselves what we can do.  What is our calling?  What can we do to help people?  We don’t have to fly to another country.  There are people that need help and you don’t have to look very far.  Maybe this can be the year which started with tragedy, but inspired us to do more.