Color Your New Year

As the year draws to a close it is only natural to reflect on all that has happened. We made history in so many ways. Some of the things we thought would never change have probably changed forever and retirement is just one of them. Retirement does not look like it did even a year ago, as so many of us watch our 401k’s become 201k’s. The idea of retiring from work completely is less likely than six months ago and may even be out of reach for some of us.

So, if you are considering re-entry into the workforce and want to be trendy and hip, there is probably something you should know: yellow is the “in” color for 2009. Pantone, which provides color standards to the design industry and influences what colors fashion designers use, has designated yellow as the optimistic color, so let’s all be optimistic and wear a little yellow, paint a wall or two yellow, and think yellow thoughts, as we all need an optimistic attitude for the New Year!

Since so many people are “in the red” that was apparently a bad color choice. Green would have been in bad taste, since few of us have seen much green lately. Orange appeared a few years ago and a pale blue was the choice for 2008, so yellow is really the only choice we have. Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness. Many people have abandoned a sense of optimism, so if seeing splashes of yellow in our living space and on our clothes helps; that is an easy fix.

But for those who are looking toward a year where new fashion is a luxury and new furnishings may not be in the mix, there is one thing everyone can take into the new year. And that is hope. Hope that the things can and will change, like bigotry and skepticism. And that going forward we all have hope for the future, no matter what color it is.




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