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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Retirement

My husband and I are recent retirees and I know our ranks are growing each day.Most people probably have financial goals or timeframes for when they will embark on this new way of life. We entered this era more quickly than we had originally anticipated and perhaps, less prepared than we should have been.Not only less prepared, but I will actually say smug. We thought we knew all there was to know about retirement. However, we were wrong.

First of all, heed every cliche you have ever heard about retirement. There is a reason that conventional wisdom says don’t move to an unfamiliar area just because you have had fun there on vacation. You may end up moving, but why rush into it?Get to know an area.Learn the traffic patterns. What’s the grocery store like?What cultural activities do they have?How’s the shopping?If you move to a warm climate, will you miss the seasons? And until you can make new friends are you and your partner going to enjoy one another’s company day in day out?

Although the real estate market is ever-changing, right now with rising interest rates, it has become a buyer’s market in many areas.This also means there are more properties to rent. If you are thinking of moving, this might be the perfect time to rent to see if an area is what you anticipated. If it turns out that you truly do love the area, you will be able to buy with confidence.

We got lucky.We did everything wrong, but yet it turned out all right. And why is that? As I said, we got lucky, but also we have always known it is not where you are that makes you happy.You have to take your weather with you and have the ability to be happy with yourself. And how do you become happy with yourself?You realize that your life does lie before you and you get many opportunities to make it what you want.That’s what retirement can be.